The demand for exceptional Leaders has never been greater.


What we do

  1. Trusted advisors to our Veteran network. We develop trusted relationships with our Veteran candidates, so we are able to attract and recruit the top talent. The MilSpec Capital team is comprised of top-tier MBA and West Point graduates, who know the desire and motivations of these exceptional Leaders because we’ve been in their same shoes!

  2. Priority on High-Impact Veterans. As Veterans, our candidates bring the traditional values of being committed, disciplined, mission-driven and having Leadership, but our selection process takes it one step further. Our highly-vetted candidates have already achieved success in the private sector and understand your industry’s nuances and environment, so they can immediately be a valuable asset to your team.

  3. Leveraging our Partner Networks to find Exceptional Talent. To find the right Veteran to fill the right role, our search relies on a network of great Veterans and spouses. Our candidates are fully vetted to be outstanding leaders who are able to energize teams, organizations, and environments, while maintaining your company culture.

  4. Long-standing Client relationships. Our focus is to provide our Client partners with exceptional Veteran talent, to build the team you need to win.