Rohini Hebbar, MBA


Rohini ideally works at the intersection of formulating business strategy and building services that customers love. She's driven to create highly-motivated, focused teams that consistently deliver results and have fun doing it.

Early in her career, Rohini worked at SAP, a global corporation that makes software to manage business operations and customer relations. Following that, as a management consultant and advisor, she helped Fortune 500 clients implement business software.

Over almost two decades, Rohini has focused on assessing strategic priorities, developing innovative technology solutions, and working across organizations to drive the adoption of digital transformation initiatives. She's also committed to establishing strategies for continuous process improvement, risk management, resource optimization, and people development, to meet business goals with agility.

Rohini's multi-faceted career across three continents and diverse industries had been enriching both professionally and personally. However, it was only during her Executive MBA program at Northwestern Kellogg that she had the opportunity to observe high-impact leadership demonstrated by her veteran classmates. Now, she's motivated to connect value and mission-driven Veteran to private-sector organizations looking for Leadership at all levels.