Kellogg Insight: What Veterans Can Bring to Your Organization

This is a 14 min. podcast from Kellogg Insight, where the faculty of the Kellogg School of Management brings their latest research and findings in an engaging format. 

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Part I: Why are Veterans so valuable to the business world?

  1. Have honed the ability to adapt and overcome difficulties- think on their feet.

  2. Exposed to lots of opportunities in being a leader at a young age

  3. Worked with diverse people and environments with cultural differences and backgrounds

  4. Demonstrates instilled values- often selfless when leading organization

  5. Drives continuous improvement through constructive criticism- after action reviews (AAR)

Part II: Performance of CEO's with prior military experience

Discussion of research findings that CEO’s with some military experience better steer their organization through times of industry distress. They are typically more conservative decision makers and up to 70% less likely to engage in fraud, due to instilled values and loyalty to the people.